Kosadinos, I talked with Eirini and we settled some things. Big things are happening these days. You remembered that yesterday I had my huge breakdown of nerves and crying with that guy (mr. piece of shit), also later I had a big call with mom and also I found out about my grandmother, and still yesterday I also found out that my dad wanted my phone nr. to contact me.

Today you had a “spectacular”/big breakdown with Eirini, it may be also because your evolution prepares you for a woman in your life (remember that angels told you that a kid is comming for you).

Huge things and happening, big shifts. I was talking with Eirini about you guys being unfortunate and fortunate in the same time to be stucked in the car while you where fighting. Unfortunate because you guys got to the point where you literally exploded with screaming and kicking…and fortunate because if you weren’t stuck in the car togheter you wouldn’t breakdone, you wouldn’t reach the threeshold, the peak of the peak.

The huge conflict that you had now with Eirini WASN’T REALLY about the little event with the rabbit cleaning and asking for help. It was merely a little trigger for the things that were already happening in your relationship with your sister. That’s also the reason why Erini bursted out so big and so fast in this little event with the rabbit, because it was about years and years of stuff gathering in your relationship with her.

You are not a bad man for anything, and I am not mad at you for kicking her (I just assume/feel that you are concerned about this detail). You shouldn’t feel guilty for anything about this conflict, we don’t reject, hate or label you in any way (if this is just in my head, ignore it).

Eirini said that she doesn’t want you to be hurt. She also expressed her immense frustration that you don’t fully trust her and you don’t jump to help her as she helped you in the past.

I told Eirini about the patriarchy that is passed on onto us young guys deep down in our bones and subconscious and that it’s so hard for us to see what we are doing to women. If you remembered my conflict with her 2 days ago in the discussion about children when Eirini bursted out hard and fast saying that I am offending her big time by projecting on her some shitty image about women. You remember that I could swear that I don’t know what’she’s talking about. But I looked closely and she was right, I saw the energy, it was so subtle and it seemed so normal for me.